1. Competitors are required to prepare the music copied to a USB driver, for First Round, Second Round and Finals, which should be submitted to the Organizing Committee when checking in. Should there be any problem caused by accessibility of the USB driver during the competition, competitors themselves will be accountable.
  2. Please label the USB driver with competitor’s name, age group, and label each file with the title of the dance, time duration, and whether the music is for First round, Second round or Finals, in Mongolian or English and give scores to every competitor in each round. Competitors are responsible for the quality of the music.
  3. Competitors must bring their own music for rehearsal.
  4. Music must be received to the MIBC Committee by May 29, 2018.

Travel and Housing

  1. Round trip travel expenses to and from Ulaanbaatar (Capital city of Mongolia) are the responsibility of the competitors.
  2. The MIBC Committee will provide transportation between the airport, hotel and competition location.
  3. The MIBC Committee will provide performance tickets for competitors.

Hotel information

Ulaanbaatar Hotel

Financial conditions

  1. MIBC committee provides hotel accommodation on the special discounted price to the contestants and their partners only for the period of their official participation in the Competition: from the date of their arrival to Ulaanbaatar but not earlier than the specified date, and for no more than one days after the end of the Round, in which the contestant took part.
  2. Competitors, arriving at the Competition and refusing to perform, and Competitors who are not admitted to Round II and Round III and their partners can stay up to the end of Competition at their own expense.
  3. If requested in advance, The MIBC committee can assist accompanying persons of the contestant (teachers, relatives) with visa arrangements and hotel reservations.
  4. The MIBC Committee does not provide contestants with music, costumes, make-up and ballet footwear.
  5. The MIBC Committee will provide contestants with rehearsal rooms and one stage rehearsal before each Round at the place where the Competition will be held.
  6. If a contestant declines to take part in the Competition, all documents related to the participant will not be returned. The application fee is non-refundable.
  7. By signing the Application form, applicants are obliged to declare that they fully accept the Rules of the Competition.

Registration fee

Candidates shall pay the registration fee of USD 100 (candidates from Mongolia  shall pay MNT 100,000). Candidates shall pay the registration fee upon arrival (by cash or card) on the check-in date set by the MIBC Committee.


The IBCM Committee will provide insurance to cover competitors for accidental injury during the period from May 30th – June 1st, 2018 while participating in the competition. General health insurance must be provided by the competitors.

The IBCM Committee does not provide insurances for the contestants and their partners, as well as their accompanying persons.

Arrival date

All Competitors must be present in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on May 29, 2018 to register and draw numbers.


The IBCM Committee will provide all competitors with one rehearsal before each performance.


The MIBC Competition will be held at the Mongolian National Academic Theater of Ballet and Opera. The Stage is 22 meters wide and 18.5 meters deep with an 17.5 meters high proscenium opening.

Stage appearance

  1. Competitor’s number of order will be determined by lot and will be numbered accordingly. All competitors must be present at the lot drawing. For the pas de deux competitors, the number is subject to that of the female dancer. The set order will remain the same for First Round, Second Round and Finals.
  2. If one competitor is the dancing partner of another competitor, and is eliminated from the First Rounds or Second Rounds, he/she must consent to finish the competition thar remains as well as the gala performance as a dancing partner.
  3. The use of water, salt or anything combustible is strictly forbidden on the stage. Performance in nudity is also forbidden.
  4. There will be audience at the all Rounds and Award Ceremony (including the Winners Gala).


  1. The juries are internationally recognized personalities of the dance world invited by the Organization Committee. The Judges must follow all the regulations and rules that have been set by the Organization Committee when checking in.
  2. All of the judges must attend all of the First, Second and Final Rounds and give a scores to every competitor in each round.
  3. The competition adopts a 10-point scoring scale.
  4. According to the rules of the Organization Committee, prizes could be shared or remain vacant.
  5. The jury’s decisions are final and irrevocable.

IBCM rights and copyright

  1. All participants must participate in any event or performances as directed by the Committee during the period of the competition.
  2. The Organizing Committee reserves all the rights for TV broadcasting, videotaping and filming of the contemporary works performed for the competition during all competition presentations, the Awards performance and Gala Performance, as well as for the manufacturing and merchandising of video cassettes containing name, with no payment of fees to the participants of the competition.

The organizing committee also reserves the exclusive right to sign contracts with third parties for merchandising of the above-mentioned material.

  1. Dancers winning awards and their dancers must appear in the award gala performance.(2 times)
  2. Competitors will not be paid for their appearances in the event during the competition.
  3. For appearances in events that are not part of the official competition schedule, participants may be receive payment for their appearance, only if permission has been procured in advance from the MIBC Committee.